Published on March 25, 2014

StockdaleMartin’s first smartphone app is launched!

StockdaleMartin’s first smartphone app is launched!

Us Brits spend, on average, a whopping 41 hours each month using our smartphones. That’s more than one hour per day! Not only are we spending a lot of time on them, the number of times we reach for our phone is on the increase. Let’s face it, we’re hooked!

The way we use our phones is also changing. Using apps is how we spend the vast majority of our time on our phone, as opposed to making calls or texting. This trend reflects a significant opportunity for marketers and is one that we at StockdaleMartin have embraced.

This year our first smartphone and tablet app went live on the iTunes App Store. Our client, a leading gum health brand, asked us to produce the app from start to finish including copy, design, programming and management of the project.

Designed for use by dental professionals, the app is an informative point of reference about gum health and maintenance of healthy gums. It focuses on how to use the Basic Periodontal Examination (BPE), a quick and easy tool for assessing a patient’s gum health.  With engaging copy and a simple yet attractive design, the app is easy to use whilst delivering practical information for the healthcare professional.

We’re delighted to hear that the app has already had some fantastic feedback! We are now in the process of developing a second app which will be launched in May. To download the gum health app, visit the iTunes app store and search “BPE app”.

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