Published on October 25, 2011

Tables in Vegas

Last week Andre and I were in Las Vegas at the American Dental Association Annual Session being held at the magnificent (and enormous) Mandalay Bay Hotel.

The reason for our trip was not gambling [although we did lose a small amount of money on the roulette], nor to see Elton’s million dollar piano, but to help train our client on some new technology which we had incorporated into their booth.

The brief the client gave to us was to help demonstrate brand leadership by behaving differently, whilst ensuring key messages were landed with delegates – in this instance dental professionals.

To help us achieve these goals we recommended the use of interactive tables, which are an incredibly good way of building exhibition traffic on a stand, whilst enabling representatives to detail to larger groups (of 4-6 at a time). The tables, because they are interactive, encourage discussion and collaborative working, so are a good way to create a sense of “buzz” whilst delivering key messages.

We were slightly nervous that the client representatives would find the use of new technology daunting but we were very pleasantly amazed – they loved it! After some rudimentary training on the content the client reps took turns to familiarise themselves with how the tables worked and then there was no stopping them!

Watching how they interacted with delegates over the next couple of days confirmed our thoughts that these are a brilliant selling tool. The reps were energised using them – even after 5-6 hours – and delegates were captivated and involved. So all in all an excellent result.

I’m off to New York in a couple of weeks to see how they work with that audience at the Greater New York Dental Convention so will report back on that when I return.

And if you would like any more information on how you could use this technology, please let us know – we would be more than happy to show you!!


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