Published on September 9, 2016

All trained up at StockdaleMartin

All trained up at StockdaleMartin

There is no doubt about it, training is always an invaluable way to learn and something we like to push here at StockdaleMartin. Here are just some of the training courses members of the team have participated in recently.

Presentation training

Rachel, Anca, Elizabeth and Faye recently immersed themselves in a two day training course on presentation skills. Julian Cope, from Semezana Consulting, explained that after finishing a presentation your listeners tend to remember just 10% of the content presented, 35% of the delivery and a staggering 55% of how you conducted your body language. The four took on mini presentations and tasks whilst focusing on feet movement, gestures, voice projection and eye contact, which was challenging when doing it all at the same time!

Once putting everything they had learnt into their final presentation the difference in confidence was significant and all the training had definitely paid off!

Social Media Masterclass

Elizabeth, Account Manager, recently attended a Social Media Masterclass. Led by Jason Squires, the course covered; social media strategy, how to create engaging content and how to build your network of followers.

Common problems people and companies face with social media is the uncertainty about how a social media platform works and therefore cannot use it to its maximum potential.

Jason Squires took the group through the hidden gems of social media and emphasised the importance of having a structured plan when it comes to posting online.

Copywriting Seminar

Last week, Yana and Faye attended a copywriting seminar in London on the topic of ‘Don’t be a copyWRONGER…send better emails now!’

The seminar covered the do’s and don’t of creating campaign emails and Dotmailer’s top 5 tips. They both found the seminar very informative and relevant to what they do here at StockdaleMartin and the free pizza also went down a hit!

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