Published on December 11, 2013

Are the GP changes really as good as they sound?

Are the GP changes really as good as they sound?

Proposed changes in the new contract for GPs aim to offer a more personalised and efficient service to the general public. The changes are set to take place from 2014-2015.

One of the changes is to scrap the 10 minute appointment time, making everything a little more flexible and freeing up appointment time. But is this necessarily a good thing? I’m not so sure. If they want to make the NHS more personalised surely spending longer with the patient and building the relationship with them is what’s needed – not a quick 2 minute appointment.

Other changes include registering with a practice of your choice, meaning you’ll be able to register at a practice near your work which really does make sense. Online booking is another change that’s set to make life a lot easier for those who prefer an online lifestyle. But for those who don’t have access to the internet or who aren’t interested, will receptions still take on all the calls they do now?

Of course all schemes have their flaws and it’s often a case if trial and error – only time will tell how our GPs will work in the future.

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