Published on October 24, 2012

NHS leading the way with digital healthcare communications

NHS leading the way with digital healthcare communications

Despite the belief the NHS is behind the times, the public health service is at the forefront of healthcare digital communications.

The dedicated digital team are using digital communications more and more to interact and communicate with the UK public on the latest health issues affecting them. They use emails, websites, apps, blogs and social media to keep the public informed on everything they need to know about their health.

One of the most useful NHS communications includes the NHS Choices website allowing users to watch educational videos, find symptoms and treatments for minor illnesses and find out more on how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Communicating via digital channels creates an environment for health care professionals, patients, stakeholders and suppliers to discuss and connect through social media networks. Such connections can help both the public understand health care issues and professionals communicate directly with the public.

The future of healthcare communications lies in the hands of companies and organisations utilising digital technologies to interact with consumers by providing useful and easy to access information. Yet at the same time, it is extremely important for marketers to use both digital and traditional forms of media to communicate.

But how can both of these mediums be integrated? Simple. Use both digital and traditional media in sync, for example – creating an advertising campaign to educate patients on healthy eating. Such adverts could direct consumers to your website or to sign up for email communications. Ta-dah! There are many ways the integrated model can be implemented and the NHS is a great of example of mixing the best of digital and traditional, to create impact and value for their audience.

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